2018 Open Enrollment

27th Nov 2016

Do you want to attend Oakcrest Camp, but you don’t live in a participating stake?  Try registering through Open Enrollment.  Click on the Open Enrollment tab under “Registration” on the menu.  The Open Enrollment page will give you instructions on […]

2017 Theme and Staff Mission Statement

20th Nov 2016

The selected theme for Oakcrest 2017 is I am empowered through my faith in Christ. (Moroni 7:33.) The 2017 Directorship has developed the following as a staff mission statement: Oakcrest 2017 Staff Mission Statement We are devoted disciples of Jesus Christ […]

Oakcrest 2017 Staff

8th Nov 2016

We are so happy to announce… Director: Gizmoe Assistant Director: Sunflower Assistant Director: Squirt Head Cook: Nacho Assistant Head Cooks: Radiance & Pie Kitchen Duty Specialists: Smalls, Koda, Doodlebug, Paladin, Aqua, Guacamole, Drill Sarge, Mushu, Snickers First Aid Specialists:Mazie, Jigsaw, […]