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Job Descriptions

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  • Be responsible (with the help of two assistants) for planning and organizing an effective day program for 7th grade girls.
  • Work with the Women’s Committee members and the Oakcrest Executive Committee.
  • Stay within a budget, work through problems that arise, plan the details of camp such as the summer theme, weekly themes, and other large camp activities, help to hire the staff, train the staff, support the staff, and other responsibilities.
  • Teach a gospel lesson to the campers.
  • Listen to and counsel with Staff or campers who are in need of direction.
  • Report to and counsel with the Chairman of the Women’s Committee.

Salary: $5,600

Assistant Director

  • Help the Camp Director to plan and organize an effective camp program for 7th grade girls.
  • Stay within a budget, work through problems that arise, plan the details of camp such as the summer theme and weekly themes, help to hire the staff, help to train the staff, support the staff, help with ordering supplies, registration, and other responsibilities.
  • Teach a gospel class to the campers.

Salary: $4,500

Head Cook

  • Responsible for meal preparation for approximately 350 people per week.
  • Plan the meals and order the food. Ensure that quality meals are well balanced and sufficient in quantity.
  • Ensure that the food is being prepared in accordance with Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Organize and supervise the kitchen staff.

Salary: $4,500

Assistant Cook

  • Help to plan the meals and prepare the meals.
  • Help to organize the kitchen and supervise the staff.
  • Carry out responsibilities as assigned by the Head Cook.

Salary: $3,500

Kitchen Duty Specialist

Any applicant who will be attending High School during 2016-2017, in the Canyons School District will not be allowed to apply as school begins during week 10 of our season.  We are so sorry.

  • Help to prepare the meals.
  • Work under the direction of the Head Cook and Assistant Cooks.
  • Keep the kitchen clean and follow the Health Code guidelines.

Salary: $3,000

Craft Specialist/Counselor

  • Be responsible for teaching various crafts to 7th grade girls.
  • Inventory the supplies and crafts.
  • Count the money and prepare a deposit at the end of each day.
  • Work together with the other Craft Specialist.
  • Teach a gospel class.
  • This is a dual-role position.  Some weeks you will work as a counselor and other weeks you will work as a craft specialist.

Salary: $3,500

First Aid Specialist/Counselor

  • Give first aid to sick or injured campers and staff.
  • Be prepared to help with all medical and first aid needs for the camp 24 hours a day.
  • Collect, store, and schedule all campers’ prescription medications.
  • Maintain the medical records for the camp.
  • Help transport campers and/or staff to medical facilities in Kamas or Park City when further care is needed.
  • Monitor the inventory of medical supplies, first aid kits, and medicines.
  • Work closely with the directorship and assist them as needed.
  • Teach gospel classes with a member of the directorship to a group of 100 campers at a time.
  • A second first aid specialist will always work with you in first aid.  You will need to work well together.
  • This is a dual-role position.  Half of the weeks you will work alone as a counselor, and half you will work as a first aid specialist.

Salary: $3,500

Range Master/Counselor

  • Be responsible for teaching gun safety to 7th grade campers.
  • Maintain a safe environment at the gun range.
  • Clean and care for each pellet gun as needed and as instructed.
  • Repair and care for all equipment as instructed.
  • Maintain and clean equipment, equipment room, and ranges.
  • Work closely with the other Range Master.
  • Assist directorship in teaching gospel classes, as needed.
  • This is a dual-role position.  Some weeks you will work as a counselor, and other weeks you will work as a Range Master.

Salary: $3,500



  • Be responsible for a group of 10-12 young women ages 12-13 each week.
  • Serve under the direction of the Camp Director and the Assistant Directors.
  • Help to plan and organize daily and weekly activities.
  • Teach basic camping skills and gospel lessons.
  • Strive to get to know each girl and strengthen her self-esteem and testimony.

Salary: $3,500

How staff members described their job as a counselor:

“I helped girls learn the gospel and I showed them their worth. I helped them with great activities and was there as an example, leader, and friend. It was the best, but hardest thing I have ever done.”

“When people have asked me this summer what it is that I do I usually tell them that I get paid to play with 13 and 14 year old girls! And I do! I have a testimony and it’s my job to share it and teach about it. I help my Heavenly Father to bring about miracles.”

“I testify of our Savior Jesus Christ all day everyday. I am like a mentor, sister, best friend and mom to girls each week. I play fun games with them and have spiritual moments as well. I truly help to spark the fire of testimony.”

What staff members said they liked about working at Oakcrest:

“It has been the most rewarding, spiritual, fun, and amazing experience I have ever had.  I am so blessed!”

“I’ve loved so many things!  Constantly feeling the Spirit, meeting amazing young women, working with incredible ladies and coming closer to my Savior!”

“I have absolutely loved it!  The activities were great, the Spirit was incredible, and the staff is amazing.”

“It has prepared me for my career as an educator and mother.  It’s FUN!  Who wouldn’t want to get paid to go down the foam slide every week?”

“Best thing I’ve ever done in my 20 years of living!”

“Being away from the world, having so many opportunities to serve, the habits I’ve developed, the friends I’ve made and the spirit I’ve felt.”

“I’ve learned to trust in and rely on Christ, patience, how to teach by the spirit, the importance of prayer, and how to love unconditionally.”