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Chaperone Information

Thank you for helping us chaperone the young women from your stake to and from Oakcrest. We couldn’t provide the bus service without your help. We really appreciate your time and effort. The trip to Oakcrest and back will take about 3 hours. Although you will not be able to bring infants or other children, you may want to bring some water and have something to do or read on the bus. Please do not bring treats for the girls or yourself to eat on the bus. Some of our campers have severe food allergies. Please dress modestly and bring your cell phone. A sweater or light coat is also a good idea. Please note that chaperones must return on the bus.  They are not permitted to stay on Oakcrest property.

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Monday Chaperone Responsibilities

  • Meet at the central location by 7:45 a.m. Look for your stake flag and check in with your stake contact.
  • Report immediately to your bus as soon as it arrives.
  • Direct the girls to load their luggage bag and sleeping bag in the undercarriage and then take their back pack and pillow with them on the bus.
  • Collect bus tickets for each girl getting on your bus. Make sure each ticket has the correct bus number written on it.
  • Make sure each camper is dressed appropriately for camp. (No shorts, capris, sleeveless shirts, leggings or sandals) If they are dressed inappropriately they must change before loading.
  • The chaperone must sit in the reserved seat at the front of the bus.
  • Before the bus leaves, an Oakcrest Women’s Committee member will get on to make announcements and offer a prayer.
  • After the girls get off, check the bus for lost items and take them to the lost and found.
  • Return with the other chaperones on a single bus back to the central location.

Friday Chaperone Responsibilities

  • Meet a single bus and the other chaperones at the central location by 9:00 a.m.  All chaperones will ride together to Oakcrest.
  • Once at Oakcrest, divide up among the buses, with at least two chaperones per bus, as you wait for the campers to finish up with their private closing ceremony.
  • Campers will not be assigned to buses on the return trip, so ask your driver how many seats are on your bus and count the girls as they load. You may have up to 5 extra girls per bus. The extras will sit 3 to a row.
  • Direct the campers to load their luggage bag and sleeping bag in the undercarriage of THE BUS THEY WILL BE RIDING HOME IN. Have them take their backpack and pillow with them to their seat.
  • Once they are settled, use the bus microphone to announce that when the girls arrive they should quickly get all their luggage and move to the grass to wait for their rides. Also, please tell them that the park bathrooms will be open but the church will not.
  • After the girls get off, check the bus for lost items and take them to the lost and found.
  • Friday chaperones must remain at the central busing location until ALL young women from your stake have been picked up.
  • Take any unclaimed luggage with your stake color tape back to your stake leader.

Please encourage everyone on the bus to be courteous and respectful to the driver and to each other. If there are unexpected problems with the bus, please reassure the young women and maintain a positive and patient attitude while the driver attempts to remedy the situation.

Thank you again for your help!

Marilyn Knapp

Oakcrest Transportation Representative

Cell (385) 220-2305