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Kickoff Suggestions

Suggestions on how to hold a Stake Oakcrest Kickoff Meeting

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  1. Pick a date and time for your stake’s kickoff meeting. Invite the ward young women leaders who are handling Oakcrest and a stake priesthood leader. Hold your meeting sometime between January 19th and February 27th.
  2. Compile a list of the girls in your stake that are currently in the 7th grade.
  3. Invite every one of those girls to the Oakcrest kickoff. Oakcrest does not take the place of your ward or stake camp. Oakcrest is an optional or supplemental camp; however, we would like every eligible girl to be invited to come. Many parents and girls do not know anything about Oakcrest and need to be given information about it.
  4. Assemble packets for the girls. Include: A registration card, What to Bring list, About Oakcrest pages, and the directions to the central busing location.
    • At the Kickoff:
      • Show the current Oakcrest flash drive. The flash drive answers a lot of questions and shows the girls what the camp is all about. When campers see the video they become familiar with the camp and can help with many things including homesickness.
      • Go over the registration form and the other forms in the packet.
      • Discuss roommates: Point out that Oakcrest will only accommodate twosomes or threesomes and that each girl must have the other girls’ names on their registration forms in order to be placed together.
      • Let the parents know when the cards and money are due to the ward/stake.
      • Let ward leaders know when they need to turn the money in to you. Hint: allow yourself about two weeks prior to the Stake Registration Day (March 11, 2017).
      • Make sure that every parent has your name and number so that they know who they can call with questions.
      • Give the parents the Oakcrest website information:
      • Make mention that Oakcrest does not take the place of ward or stake camps. (Oakcrest is an optional or supplemental camp, but we would like every eligible girl to be invited to Oakcrest.)
      • Remind the campers and parents to send nearly new or new men’s white shirts and ties with their camper. These will be cleaned and then pressed by the campers and sent on to MTC’s all over the world for missionaries that can’t afford them.
      • Allow time for questions and answers.
    • Other Tips:
      • Some stakes have the parents turn in the registration cards and money AT the kickoff meeting instead of turning them in later.
      • Read the document titled, “What the Campers said about Oakcrest 2016”.
      • Have a couple of girls that went to Oakcrest last summer talk about their experience.
      • Sing Camp Songs.
      • Have Refreshments.
      • Make the meeting as brief, yet informative, as possible.
      • Make it fun!
      • Reminder: On March 11th (Stake Registration Day), turn in the registration cards from your stake, the Oakcrest flash drive, the Projection Questionnaire, one copy of the Stake Registration List, and one stake check for the full amount due written to Oakcrest Girls Camp.