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Stake Leader Checklist

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  • Plan and hold your stake kickoff meeting in January or February.
  • Suggest to wards that Oakcrest be announced and promoted in New Beginnings.
  • Schedule a deadline for all wards to have their checks and forms to you. (Hint: Make the deadline at least 10 days before the actual registration day.)
  • Download and complete the Stake Registration List using the information gathered from the registration cards.  Everything from the Food Concerns, Health Concerns, and OTC Medication Permission sections of the registration card needs to be entered on this form for each camper. If there are no health concerns, please put none listed and note all approved or non-approved OTC meds. Do not use all caps when filling out this form.
  • Email a copy of your finalized Stake Registration List to
  • Take the required registration materials to the Oakcrest Stake Registration Day on Saturday, March 11, at your assigned time. Please bring: 1) One stake check made out to Oakcrest LDS Girls Camp 2) The Oakcrest flash drive 3)The Projection Questionnaire with next year’s information 4) One copy of the alphabetized Stake Registration List 5) All completed registration cards with cabin mates stapled together and bus tickets detached. (Keep bus tickets in a safe place until your week of camp). Double check that each card has all three required signatures!!
  • If your stake has been given a camp opening or camp closing assignment, ask your priesthood leader to help attain the required number of volunteers on your assigned day.
  • Always get approval from your assigned Oakcrest registration committee member before allowing additional girls to register after registration date, and send information and checks as soon as you get them. Additions will be taken up until two weeks before camp, but only if there is room.


  • Invite the stake presidency and their wives, the bishops and their wives and the stake young women’s presidency to mutual night on Thursday. Copy the Thursday Night Mutual Information form and the Map to Oakcrest and give them to your stake president and all bishops.
  • Remind the girls in your stake, or have the ward leaders remind them, of where to be (busing location),what day camp begins, and what to bring. Please emphasize that they need to be dressed appropriately (modest shirts, long pants, socks, closed-toe shoes) when they arrive at the busing location.
  • Find female chaperones to ride with the campers on the buses on Monday and Friday.
  • Purchase duct tape in your stake color for each young woman to label their luggage by the Monday morning of camp. It would be a good idea to get the girls together before that morning to label their luggage. Make sure they follow the labeling directions found in the binder.


  • Plan to be at the central busing location on Monday morning by 7:30 a.m. with your: 1) Stake Registration List 2) cell phone 3) bus tickets 4) colored duct tape and 5) Oakcrest Busing Form (found in your binder).
  •  Meet your girls at your designated station to check them in, label any unlabeled items, and give them their bus tickets. Then direct them to their assigned bus. Please do not bring treats to the busing location for your girls. This causes problems with girls from other stakes who may be riding on the same bus and who have severe allergies.
  •  Once your chaperone(s) and your bus have arrived, direct your campers to load their luggage and get on their bus.
  •  After all your girls have checked-in, or at 8:20 a.m., Bring your binder and the completed Busing Form to the Open Enrollment/Registration table.


  • If you are a member of the stake young women’s presidency, go up to Oakcrest on Thursday for Mutual Night. Remind your bishops and stake presidency to do the same. The program for mutual night is under the direction of your stake.
  •  Help take care of any lost and found issues for your stake after Oakcrest, as needed.
  •  Celebrate! You made it through another great year.