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Oakcrest 2017 Staff

8th Nov 2016

We are so happy to announce…

Director: Gizmoe

Assistant Director: Sunflower

Assistant Director: Squirt

Head Cook: Nacho

Assistant Head Cooks: Radiance & Pie

Kitchen Duty Specialists: Smalls, Koda, Doodlebug, Paladin, Aqua, Guacamole, Drill Sarge, Mushu, Snickers

First Aid Specialists:Mazie, Jigsaw, X-Ray, Rafiki

Craft Specialist: Cider, Sequoia, Grandma, Flora

Range Specialists: Hawkeye, Snackpack

Counselors: Bama, Doxie, Bliss, Potato, Salchicha, Atlantis, Potter, Penny, Ground Hog, O’Malley, Willow, Mountain, Mulan, Symphony, Unicorn Petunia, Luna, Zippy, Star, Pumpkin, Chaco, Sprinkles, Mojo, Mama Odie

We are  on our way!

We love you all!  Such amazing applicants this year! Please send your camp names to Gizmoe asap!

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