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Oakcrest 2018 Staff

9th Jan 2018

We are so happy to announce…

Director: Shelby Summers: Sassy

Assistant Director: Yeraldinn Juarez: Atlantis

Assistant Director: Holly Palmer: Star

Head Cook: Emmalee Timmreck: Radiance

Assistant Head Cooks:

Sarah Wehrli: Pine Tree

Lisa Locke: Starburst

Kitchen Duty Specialists:

Alyssa Chambers: Frost

Allie Garneer: Gator

Mikayla Hollingshead: Queen

Katherine Karren: Calico

Kathrine Lingwall: Ginger

Madi Michaels: Ezzie

Maddi Page: Beans

Michelle Salazar: Peach Ring

Erica Watkins: Happy

First Aid Specialists:

Kristen Anderson: Clementine

Megan Christensen Chaco

Caroline Karren: Kadenza

Sydney Sanders: Squid

Craft Specialist:

Kate Allen: Sunflower

Ruth Mati: Muscles

Sera Recanzone: Symphony

Megan Sansom: Sparkles

Range Specialists:

Madison Christensen: Teva

Emily Wayment: Sarge


Brynlee Albertoni: Tweety

Madison Arnell: Paris

McKenzee Berrett:Pirouette

Hannah Black: Tuna

Kathlynn Clark: Squirt

Cecilia Cottle: Clover

Sierra Francis: Pickles

Emily Hansen: Auzzie

Baylee Hillier: Calamity

Nicole Holbrook: Punzi

Alexandria Hurst: Ember

Bailey Levensailor: Life-Alert

Jena McGee: Guacamole

Jessika Peterson: Dino

Lindsey Porter: Peanut

Melanie Price: Sphinx

Tiana Rowley: Fajita

Madison Sansom: Noodle

Elizabeth Shellman: Lizard

Bailey Summeres: Boo

Alissa Thornock Treble

Katie Wade: Kit-Kat

Alison Watkins: Coconut

Annesha Wright: Phoenix

We are  on our way!

We love you all!  Such amazing applicants this year! Please send your camp names to Sassy asap!

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