Announcement Regarding Oakcrest 2021

After prayerful consideration, the Oakcrest Women’s and Priesthood Committees have made the following decision regarding Oakcrest 2021:

Girls from Oakcrest participating stakes who were registered to attend Oakcrest in 2020 will be allowed to sign up during our open enrollment period beginning April 1, 2021.  During our open enrollment period, we will only be accepting registrations from girls in our participating stakes who will be finishing the 8th grade in 2021 and were registered to attend camp in 2020.  Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until we reach capacity.  As in the past, participating stakes will register 7th grade girls who live within their boundaries on Registration Day in March, 2021.  In 2021, we will not be accepting any open enrollment registrations from girls who live outside of participating stake boundaries. Open enrollment will resume as normal in 2022.

Oakcrest Girls Camp is open to young women who have completed the 7th grade.  They may attend ONCE during the summer.  Young women who reside in one of the 100+ Oakcrest-participating stakes can obtain registration materials from their stake or ward young women leader.  Please contact your stake or ward young women leader if you are interested in attending.  Your stake leader will provide you with a 2021 registration card. The registration card needs to be filled out completely and legibly with pen.  Three signatures are required on the registration card:  the camper, the parent, and the bishop.

If you would like to attend Oakcrest but can’t attend the week your stake is scheduled, you should still register and pay with your stake and indicate the week you would like to attend in the upper right-hand corner of your registration card. If you are going with another stake, please indicate which stake on the appropriate line on page one of the registration card.

With the exception of Oakcrest 2021, young women who are not members of an Oakcrest-participating stake may register through Open Enrollment.  Once all of the stakes have registered, any remaining spots are made available to other interested 7th grade young women, regardless of where they reside.  Open Enrollment begins April 1.  Please see the Open Enrollment page for more specific information and deadlines. (Please see the announcement above regarding Oakcrest 2021.)

The cost of Oakcrest is $125.00 if you reside in one of our participating stakes or $150.00 if you do not.  We only accept cashier’s checks, money orders, or stake/ward checks.  We do not participate in programs that provide electronic transfer of funds.

Buddy Registration for Campers with Special Needs

Campers with disabilities and/or special needs who only require a little individual help are encouraged to have a 16 to 18-year-old buddy attend Oakcrest with them. Buddies are not charged a registration fee but they are required to fill out pages one and two of the Buddy Registration form.  These forms are available from your stake leader and online. Parents and stake leaders should work together in selecting a buddy for the camper who will facilitate the best experience for the camper. The Buddy Registration form should be stapled to the camper’s registration form by the ward or stake Young Women leader.  A Buddy Agreement form must be filled out and attached to the Buddy Registration card.

Download Buddy Agreement

Registration Refunds

Because many of the camp expenses are paid months before camp begins, Oakcrest is unable to provide refunds.  If a young woman is unable to attend camp after she has registered, the stake leader may be able to help her find a replacement.  She may also elect to attend another open week.

Registration Forms

Please note that there are two pages to the Camper Registration form and the Buddy Registration form.

If you are registering for open enrollment in 2021, please do not use the Camper Registration Forms below.  Please go to our Open Enrollment page.

Camper Registration Form PDF Camper Registration Form page 2 PDF


Buddy Registration Form PDF Buddy Registration Form page 2 PDF