Busing Chaperone Information

Each stake needs to find female chaperones (18 or older) to ride the bus with the campers on the way to Oakcrest on Monday and on the way home from Oakcrest on Friday. Please assign someone other than the check-in person to be a chaperone on Monday.  Please download and print the form above and give it to your chaperones prior to busing day.

Use the following scale to determine how many chaperones your stake needs:

1 – 40 campers: 1 chaperone on Monday AND Friday

41 – 100 campers: 2 chaperones on Monday AND Friday

100+ campers: 3 chaperones on Monday AND Friday

After returning from Oakcrest, Friday chaperones need to remain at the busing location until ALL CAMPERS FROM THEIR STAKE have been picked up.  Information on arrival times for chaperones and other instructions are included on the Oakcrest Chaperone Information form.  Please assign a back-up chaperone in case one of your chaperones cancels at the last minute.  Chaperones are not allowed to bring children or pets with them.