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Staff Postings

Oakcrest 2018 Staff Postings



Assistant Directors

Atlantis and Star

Head Cook


Assistant Cooks

Pine Tree, Starburst

Kitchen Duty Specialists

Frost, Gator, Queen, Calico, Ginger, Ezzie, Beans, Peach Ring, Happy

Craft Specialists

Sunflower, Muscles,Symphony, Sparkles

First Aid Specialists

Clementine, Chaco, Kandenza, Squid

Range Masters

Teva, Sarge


Tweety, Paris, Pirouette, Tuna, Squirt, Clover, Pickles, Auzzie, Calamity, Punzi, Ember, Life Alert, Guacamole,  Dino, Peanut, Sphinx, Fajita, Noodle, Lizard, Boo, Treble, Kit-Kat, Coconut, Phoenix

Missionary Couples

  • Lilly and Pepper
  • Pixie and Duke