About Oakcrest – Information for Campers and Parents

Oakcrest is nestled in the beautiful Kamas Valley. Thousands of 7th grade girls attend Oakcrest each summer. Established in 1958, Oakcrest now serves over 100 Salt Lake Valley stakes and is open to young women who have completed the 7th grade. The camp runs for 10 weeks of the summer with 9 to 11 stakes attending each week. Activities include: archery, gun range, giant swing, zip line, crafts, hiking, obstacle course, foam slide, spiritual classes and more. There is a large main lodge where the meals are served and there are 13 cabins with bunk beds where groups of girls sleep. The goal of all Oakcrest activities is to provide spiritual growth, wholesome fun, meaningful experiences, and skill in learning to live with others. Oakcrest provides a wonderful setting away from the world where the standards of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are emphasized.

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Attendance and Eligibility

Young women are invited to attend Oakcrest during the summer following their 7th grade year.  This is a one-time opportunity for girls who have just completed the 7th grade and will be entering 8th grade.  Exceptions will not be made for those who have been accelerated or held back a year in school for any reason, including disability or illness.  Age is only considered an eligibility factor for girls who are home schooled.  Oakcrest is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and doctrines of The Church will be taught. Young women of other faiths are welcome to attend. We encourage campers to come for the entire week of Oakcrest. Campers should not plan on coming late to camp, leaving early, or coming and going during the week. Campers who cannot attend the entire week their stake is scheduled are welcome to register for a different week. Should an emergency arise which would require the camper to go home early, arrangements need to be made with the camp through the stake leader.

Buddies for Campers with Special Needs

Campers with disabilities and/or special needs, who require a little individual help, should attend Oakcrest with a 16-18 year-old buddy.  Buddies are not charged a registration fee.  Parents and stake leaders should work together in selecting a buddy who will facilitate the best experience for the camper.  Buddies need to fill out a Buddy Registration form.  They should be listed separately from the campers on the Stake Registration List.  The primary responsibility of a buddy is to aid her assigned camper.  She may not be able to participate in all camp activities, depending on the needs of her camper and whether or not there is sufficient time.  Buddies and the parents of the camper requiring a buddy must read and sign the Buddy Agreement.  This agreement must be attached to the buddy’s registration form.

Bullying and Disrespectful Behavior

Oakcrest has a no tolerance bullying policy. Should a camper feel teased or bullied in any way, she is encouraged to talk to her counselor who will then address the concern with all parties involved. Bullying and disrespect that is not resolved after discussions with Oakcrest staff will be grounds for being sent home. In this case, Oakcrest will contact the involved parent(s) who will be asked to come and get their camper(s). Oakcrest also does not allow camp pranks or jokes on other campers or counselors.

Camp Leadership

Oakcrest is overseen by a 17-member Women’s Committee and a Priesthood Executive Committee who reports to a member of the Seventy. Each year the Women’s Committee hires a staff of amazing young-adult women to lead and direct the camp. Campers will be under the supervision of a counselor at all times. Two full-time service missionary couples live on the premises to ensure the safety of the campers and the continuity of the camp.


Female chaperones will be needed from each stake to ride with the campers on the bus to and from camp. The chaperones must be 18 years or older. Please notify your stake leader if you are interested in being a chaperone. Chaperones are not allowed to bring children with them.

Communication with Campers

Cell phones are not allowed at Oakcrest Camp.  Please do not send a cell phone with your camper or allow her to bring one. To ensure the best possible Oakcrest experience, personal phone calls and personal visits are not allowed at camp. Campers love to receive mail from home, so parents are encouraged to write to their daughters. Please allow 3-4 days for mail to arrive.  Please send mail addressed to them c/o Oakcrest Girls Camp, 5850 East Bench Creek Road, Kamas, UT 84036. Parents will be contacted if their camper is ill, terribly homesick, or if there is any other serious problem. If there is an emergency at home, parents should contact the stake leader for help with contacting their daughter at camp. Please note that emails sent through the website are received by a women’s committee member in the valley and not by the camp itself.

COPE Activities:

Campers will be participating in Challenging, Outdoor, Physical Experiences while at Oakcrest. These include an obstacle course, giant swing, zip line, target shooting, foam slide, and hike. If a camper is unable to do one or more of these activities, please make a note under Health Concerns on page 2 of the registration form and explain why.

Dress & Behavior Code

Modesty and safety are taken seriously at Oakcrest. Campers should only bring clothes that fit the following guidelines: Shirts should completely cover cleavage, the midriff, and shoulder, and should not be tight. To protect against tick bites, pants must be long and without holes (no shorts, capris, or leggings).  Shoes must cover the entire foot (no sandals or flip-flops), and socks need to be worn at all times.  Long socks are encouraged to prevent tick bites. In addition, campers are expected to follow the dress and behavior guidelines listed in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. Campers who are not dressed according to these standards when they arrive at the busing location on their first day of camp will be asked to change before boarding their bus.

Early Release/Late Arrival:

Although discouraged, a young woman may leave camp early or come late if necessary. Campers will not be allowed to check in or out more than once during the week. For safety reasons, an Early Release Form needs to be filled out and signed by the parent if the camper is being picked up early. This form can be obtained from her stake leader. The form needs to be given to the stake leader by the Monday morning of camp. Campers will only be released to the person listed on the form after they show picture identification. Campers arriving late will need to let their stake leader know the date and time they will be arriving so that she can alert camp leaders. Camp gates close each night at 9:30 pm.


NO CELL PHONES or any other electronic devices should be brought to camp.  Oakcrest is a wonderful place where girls can get away from the world and focus on spiritual and personal growth. In order to keep the great spirit of the camp, the director will collect all unauthorized electronic devices and hold them until the end of the week. Digital cameras are allowed, but bring them at your own risk, as many cameras are lost each summer. Please label your camera with your name and phone number.  Disposable cameras are available for purchase at the Trading Post.

Epipen Form:

The Oakcrest Epipen Form is included in the camper’s registration packet.  If your daughter is bringing an epipen to camp, please fill out this form and attach it to her registration card.  Epipens are not provided at camp.

Health Concerns

Dietary Needs and/or Food Allergies: The Oakcrest staff can assist those with special dietary needs (such as diabetes, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, nut allergy, or vegetarian preferences), but your help is needed. It is crucial that parents write down any food allergies and dietary concerns on page two of the registration card, along with reactions, severity and treatments needed. When deemed necessary, parents whose daughters have dietary needs or food allergies will receive phone calls or emails prior to camp to determine if special arrangements need to be made. Menus can be found on the camp website under the Campers tab. If the camper has severe restrictions, the parents will need to send food with their daughter to camp where it will be stored in the kitchen. The kitchen staff will prepare this food for her. Parents can send this food in a small cooler or bag that is labeled with the camper’s name. All food must be labeled as well. Coolers and/or bags of food should be taken to the “open enrollment” table on busing day. Please see the website for camp procedures and policies regarding food concerns. If a camper will be bringing an epipen to camp, the Oakcrest Epipen Form must be filled out by a parent and attached to the registration card.

Homesickness: Homesickness is a problem for some campers. Our policy is to help homesick campers stay at camp for as long as possible, so we do not contact parents until Tuesday. We deal with extreme circumstances on an individual basis. Please prepare your camper to be away from home. Assure her that homesick feelings are normal and felt by almost everyone, but some feel them more strongly than others. Homesickness can create both emotional and physical symptoms. Discuss in advance what she can do to address homesick feelings or symptoms, such as focusing on the fun things to do at camp, trying to help another camper who feels homesick too, or praying for Heavenly Father’s help even before she comes to camp. Equip your camper with the emotional tools to deal with predictable homesick feelings and physical symptoms. You may consider arranging for her to receive a priesthood blessing as part of her preparation for camp.

Medical/Emotional Concerns: For the safety of the camper, it is important that all medical and emotional information be filled out completely and specifically. This is found on the second page of the Oakcrest registration form. In moderate to severe cases, a member of the Oakcrest Women’s Committee will contact the parent prior to camp in order to gain a better understanding of these issues.

Medical Emergencies: Should a camper require medical treatment at a clinic or hospital, a parent would be contacted immediately and asked to promptly come and get their daughter.  If that is not possible or help is needed sooner, the camper will be transported by ambulance to the appropriate medical facility.  A parent or other adult family member will be required to meet the camper at the clinic/hospital. Once a family member arrives, the camper will be turned over to his/her care. Oakcrest contact information will be given to the parent or other family member, so that he/she can contact the camp and inform them as to the camper’s condition and whether or not the camper will be returning to Oakcrest. If the medical problem is resolved in time for the camper to finish her stay at Oakcrest, she is welcome to return, but the family must provide transportation.

Medication/Shots: For safety reasons, all medication (including over-the-counter items) must come to camp in the original container(s) labeled with dosage instructions. All prescription medication containers should be placed together in a Ziploc bag along with a small card listing the camper’s name and instructions for each medication (dosage and time of day to be taken). A separate Ziploc bag (with instructions) for over the counter medications can be sent as well. Oakcrest staff can only remind campers to take their medications, but by law cannot actually administer them or force girls to take them. Parents should review all medications and instructions with their daughters so they can take their medications on their own. Prescription medication bags will be securely stored in the first aid office for girls to come and take there. The first aid staff will list prescription medications on a schedule spreadsheet and remind campers to take their medications based on the instructions sent. Over-the-counter medications can be kept with their counselor in their cabin for easier access. Campers must be willing and able to give their own injections, as there is not a registered nurse on the premises. Camper’s insulin can be kept in a refrigerator in the first aid office. Campers can carry rescue inhalers, epipens, and diabetic medications/supplies with them at all times.

New Medical Information Form: If a young woman’s medical situation changes after her registration card has been turned in, her parent needs to fill out a New Medical Information Form from the website and return it to your stake leader before camp.  Please do not submit these forms via the website.

Special Needs or Limitations: Oakcrest does not have wheelchair-accessible cabins or bathrooms and uneven terrain and distance between activities make the use of crutches at camp very wearisome for campers. Young women with uncontrolled diabetes or other severe physical, emotional, or mental disabilities that prohibit full participation are encouraged to consider stake camp or special needs camp instead of Oakcrest. Local stake/ward leaders do not attend Oakcrest with their campers, and hired Oakcrest counselors are not trained to handle severe disabilities. Campers who come to Oakcrest are expected to function independently and be self-care. Some young women with physical or mental needs that require only a little individual help can come with a Laurel-age buddy. Any limitations, even minor ones, need must be noted on the registration card.


Each camper will have the opportunity to spend time in the Indexing Room at Oakcrest. Indexing provides people all over the world with vital information as they search for their ancestors’ genealogical records.  A counselor who is trained to teach indexing to the campers will provide instruction and support as the campers navigate the indexing website and perform this wonderful service. Prior to camp, every camper should obtain a username and password through either familysearch.org or churchofjesuschrist.org.  Campers should write down their username and password to bring to camp.

Lost and Found

Most items left without a name will be kept for three weeks and then will be taken to the D.I. Valuable items, such as cameras, will be kept for three months. Items with colored duct tape are returned to the stake leader.  You may also contact us at oakcrestcamp@gmail.com within that time to claim your lost items.


Because luggage space is limited on the buses, campers are only allowed four luggage items: one large duffle bag OR medium suitcase, one warm sleeping bag, one school‐size backpack, and one pillow.  Each stake should distribute duct tape in their assigned color either prior to camp or at the busing location on Monday morning. All luggage, backpacks, sleeping bags and cameras must be marked with the campers full name and parent’s cell phone number on the colored tape. New clothes or valuable items should be left at home. Please note: If a camper is attending with a stake other than her own, she will use grey duct tape to label her luggage.

Meals and Snacks

Oakcrest offers delicious, well-balanced, nutritious meals three times a day. Several choices are offered through hot entrees, a salad bar, and a cereal bar. Cereal is available for breakfast and lunch and peanut butter sandwiches are available for lunch and dinner. Campers are welcome to bring their own snacks, especially those who may be picky eaters. Refrigerators and freezers are not available to campers unless they have specific dietary needs. Personal snacks should be labeled and will be kept in a sealed “critter-proof” container.  Snacks will also be available for purchase at the Trading Post but campers will not visit the Trading Post every day. Snacks are not allowed to be eaten on the bus rides to and from Oakcrest because some campers have severe allergic reactions when exposed to certain food allergens. Campers assigned to the Nut Free cabin are not allowed to bring any snacks containing nuts.

Nut Free Cabin

For those campers who are severely allergic to nuts of any kind, lodging is available in a cabin that is kept nut aware throughout the summer. Campers and their roommates who wish to stay in this cabin should indicate this on their registration cards under Food Concerns. All campers in this cabin (even roommates without allergies) will need to bring only nut-free snacks and will be required to follow allergy-aware guidelines, such as not sharing snacks with each other and always washing hands after eating. At times, girls who are not Nut Free will be assigned to this cabin. They can be reassured that this cabin is just like all the others and is not separated from the rest of the camp. The only difference is that products containing nuts are never allowed in or around the cabin.

Questions and Concerns

Because of the number of campers coming to Oakcrest each year, we rely on wonderful stake leaders to handle individual camper concerns. Please direct your questions to your stake leader.


Because many of the camp expenses are paid months before camp begins, Oakcrest is unable to provide refunds. If a young woman is unable to attend camp after she has registered, the stake leader may be able to help her find a replacement. She may also elect to come on another open week. All changes and replacements must be made no later than two weeks before the beginning of her scheduled week. Oakcrest will not accept last minute registrations or replacements on busing day.

Registration Information:

Registration Cards: All campers (including Laurel-age buddies) attending camp need to have a registration card correctly and completely filled out. Each card must have three signatures:  camper, parent/guardian, and bishop. Please make sure each line on the card is filled out legibly and completely. Buddy registration cards must have a completed Laurel Buddy Agreement attached. Campers bringing epipens must have a completed Oakcrest Epipen Form attached. Each registration card has a detachable bus ticket at the bottom. Please fill out the bus ticket but DO NOT detach. Stake leaders will detach the bus tickets for use on busing day.
Please note: If a camper is not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the bishop of the ward in which she resides must sign her registration card.

Registration Fee: The registration fee for each girl from a participating Oakcrest stake is $125. This fee covers lodging, meals, transportation, staff salaries, and all other camp expenses. Girls who reside outside of an Oakcrest participating stake need to register through Open Enrollment beginning April 1. The fee for campers from non-participating stakes is $150. Payment must be in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, or stake/ward check. Oakcrest cannot accept personal checks. The registration fee is nonrefundable.

Respect for Camp Property

Campers will be responsible for their personal cleanliness, as well as the cleanliness of their room and their camp area. All campers will participate in daily housekeeping duties. Campers are expected to respect the natural environment by taking proper care of the camp and surrounding areas and keeping the grounds clean and free from litter. National Forest regulations are observed at all times.  Graffiti of any kind is not allowed at Oakcrest.


At Oakcrest, girls are assigned to counselor groups where they have the opportunity to get to know other young women from outside their stakes. Many young women decide to come alone to make new friends. Other campers like the security of having a friend in their group. If a camper would like to room with a friend, both friends must have each other’s names clearly written under the Roommate section on their registration cards. No more than two to three girls may sign up together. Foursomes will be split up. Should a change be necessary after the registration cards are turned in, please contact your stake leader. She will need to make sure that the girls involved and their parents approve all changes. She will then contact a member of the Women’s Committee to request the change. All changes must be requested by two weeks prior to your camp date. Please address any roommate concerns with your stake leader, as she is the one responsible for honoring the girls’ roommate requests.


We are fortunate at Oakcrest to be able to offer our campers one shower per week.

Spending Money

Suggested spending money is $20-$40. It can be used for crafts ($1‐$5), sweatshirts ($18), hoodies ($19), t-shirts ($10), snacks, and other Trading Post items. For a list of items for sale see the Trading Post section under the Campers tab on the website. Craft options can also be seen online under the Campers tab. Spending money is optional. One free craft, an Oakcrest t-shirt, and all other essential costs are covered in the registration fee.


All young women are transported to and from camp on chartered tour buses, which will leave from and return to the Central Busing Location at the Murray South LDS Stake Center, 5735 S. Fashion Boulevard in Murray, Utah. Young women should arrive by 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning and will return about 12:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon.  Buses leave promptly at 8:30 a.m. on Monday. No exceptions will be made for latecomers. Campers arriving late will need to find their own transportation to camp. Maps to camp will be available at the busing location.