Oakcrest Kitchen and Food Information

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Oakcrest offers delicious, well-balanced, nutritious meals three times a day. For breakfast and lunch, several choices are offered through hot bars, cold bars/salad bar and cereal bars. In addition to our hot meals, peanut butter sandwiches are always available for lunch and dinner.

Staff Training

  • Each member of the Kitchen Staff must get her Food Handler’s permit. The Head Cook goes through additional training, which qualifies her as a Certified Food Safety Manager. Only those with Food Handler’s permits may enter the kitchen.
  • Our kitchen is inspected on a regular basis throughout the summer. These inspections are unannounced so the kitchen staff will be trained and expected to be very diligent in their cleaning and personal hygiene.


  • In order to keep costs down, much of the food is made from scratch.
  • Meals are planned well in advance and are designed to accomplish the Oakcrest kitchen mission which is to provide delicious, nutritious meals with variety, quality, optimum serving temperature and reasonable cost.
  • The kitchen staff prepares 12 meals for around 350 people each week. This totals 42,000 meals a summer! They do an incredible job and work really hard.
  • See our online camp menus.

Dietary and Food Allergy Concerns Learn More »

  • Diabetes, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, nut allergies, hypoglycemia and vegan/vegetarian diets are the food concerns that we deal with most at Oakcrest.
  • There is a plan set in place for each of these concerns. For more information see the Dietary and Food Allergy Concerns information.
  • It is extremely important that each camper indicates any food concerns on her registration card. If she develops or is diagnosed with a food concern after she hands in her registration card, she will need to contact her Stake leader who will then contact the Women’s Committee member who is over the kitchen.


  • Our goal is that no camper will go hungry. In order to accomplish this, campers are encouraged to eat enough at each meal. They are also encouraged to bring their own snacks. These snacks should be labeled with the camper’s name because all snacks will be stored in a sealed bin in her cabin to discourage “critters” from coming into the cabins.
  • There are also snacks available in the Trading Post to purchase, but campers will not go to the Trading Post every day.