Stake Registration Day

Stake leaders must turn in their registration materials on Stake Registration Day. Stake Registration Day will be held on Saturday, March 7, 2020, at the chapel located at 4200 West 9800 South (Skye Drive) in South Jordan.  Each stake has a scheduled appointment time.  Please see the schedule below or check the front of your 2020 registration binder for your stake’s assigned time. If for any reason you are not able to come that day, please make arrangements for someone else to take your place. It is imperative that your camp registration materials are processed and payment is submitted on registration day, otherwise your spot may be forfeited.

Stake Registration Day Flyer

Before coming, please EMAIL a copy of your Stake Registration List on or before February 28 to  Lists that are not alphabetized by last name will be sent back.

Please bring the following materials on Stake Registration Day:

    1. All registration cards.  Roommate cards should be stapled together.  Bus tickets should be removed and kept in a safe place at home.  Double and triple check for all 3 signatures on every registration card.
    2. Two paper copies of the alphabetized Stake Registration List.
    3. The Oakcrest flash drive given to you in your registration binder.
    4. One stake check made payable to Oakcrest Girls Camp for the full amount due.

Reminder:  Stake leaders should only register campers from Oakcrest-participating stakes on Stake Registration Day.  All other campers need to wait and register through Open Enrollment, which begins April 1, 2019.

2020 Stake Registration Day Schedule:

Download (PDF, 69KB)