At times, we have girls come to camp who are self-care but need a little emotional or physical support. 16 to 18-year-old buddies may accompany these girls and assist them with their needs.  Buddies are not required to pay. Buddies and a parent of their assigned campers are required to read and follow the directions on the Buddy Agreement. This form must be signed by both the buddy and the parent and attached to the buddy’s Signature Form.

Buddy Responsibilities:

Her primary responsibility is to stay with and assist her assigned camper at all times under the direction of the counselor. This may include the following:

  • Helping camper get to the activities and making sure she stays with her assigned counselor group.
  • Helping camper communicate appropriately with other campers in the camp.
  • Assisting with any physical or emotional needs of the camper, as requested by her parent(s).

Buddies should meet with the parents of their campers in order to understand all of the needs that might arise and how best to assist them at camp. Because of limited time, buddies may not have the opportunity to participate in all activities. Campers will be given first priority.

Thank you for providing this service to our special needs campers.