Stake Young Women leaders should submit this form by August 12, 2024.

The Projection Questionnaire helps Oakcrest determine when to schedule your stake for Oakcrest the following year.  We will need a projected count of young women who will be eligible to attend Oakcrest in 2025.  We also need your projected dates for stake girls camp, youth conference, and/or trek in 2025.  Scheduling for 2025 takes place at the end of August, 2024.

To properly calculate the projected number of campers who are eligible to attend Oakcrest in 2025, please ask your stake clerk for a list of girls’ names whose birthdays fall within September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012.

Review with each ward leader the list and identify which girls will be in 7th grade in the spring of 2025.  Then ask the ward leader if there are girls, who will be in 7th grade in the spring of 2025, whose names do not appear on the list.  

Create an accurate list of names to help as you prepare for invitations for your stake Kick Off, and submit the total as your projected number. 

Please complete your Projection Day Questionnaire on or before your busing day of 2024  The questionnaire can be submitted thru the website at

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Does your stake already have a trek, youth conference, or stake YW camp scheduled? If so, what are the dates?
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Young Women must have completed 7th grade by June, 2025.