Participating Oakcrest stakes have the opportunity and responsibility to help open and close camp. Because these are rotating assignments, your stake will not need to help every year, but stakes will be given an assignment every few years. Please check the above letter to see if your stake is assigned during the current year.

The stake high councilor over Young Women is responsible for finding members of your stake to fulfill this assignment. Each stake should provide Sister Kim Peterson, a member of the Oakcrest Women’s Committee, with contact information for the person who will be over this assignment. 

Twelve people should be assigned to provide this important service.  Preferably, half of them should be MEN, and all must be 16 years of age or older (no children under 16 due to liability issues).   This service project will last approximately three hours. A continental breakfast is provided for all volunteers at camp.

Email Kim Peterson if you have any questions: