Before the Kickoff:

  • Pick a date and time for your stake’s kickoff meeting.  Hold your meeting sometime in early February.
  • Have your stake clerk compile a list of the girls in your stake that are currently in the 7th grade. 
  • Invite the ward Young Women leaders who are handling Oakcrest, a stake priesthood leader, and all eligible young women and their parents/guardians.  Make sure every eligible girl is invited to your Oakcrest kickoff.  Many parents and girls do not know anything about Oakcrest and need to be informed of the opportunity.  Encourage ward leaders to give invitations to eligible less active and nonmember girls who live in their ward boundaries.
  • Invite parents/guardians to bring their phones or laptops if you plan on helping them complete the online registration process at this meeting.
  • Print Signature Forms for each camper, as well as a few EpiPen Forms and Buddy Agreements.  If desired, assemble campers’ packets for the campers, including the following documents found under the Campers tab:
A Guide to Oakcrest Girls Camp
Packing List
Luggage Instructions
Oakcrest Service Project Flyer

At the Kickoff

  • Show the Oakcrest movie on the flash drive.  The movie answers a lot of questions and shows the girls what the camp is all about.
  • Go over the Signature Form and the other forms in the camper’s packet or refer them to the website.
  • Discuss roommates after carefully reviewing the Roommates section found under the Forms tab. This information is also in A Guide to Oakcrest Girls Camp.  Point out that each camper can choose one roommate, but each must have the other’s name on her registration in order to be placed together.
  • Review the NEW online registration process and give them the registration link that you will receive from Oakcrest. Refer them to the Oakcrest website for more information regarding registration.  If campers are registering from home, make sure they know that they need to register online by February 25 in order to be included in the stake payment.  Otherwise, they will have to wait until March 18 to register.  Girls who register after April 1 will not be guaranteed a spot at Oakcrest.
  • Refer parents and campers to the Oakcrest Service Project Flyer. Remind them that donations should be packed separately.
  • Discuss the opportunity campers will have to index at camp.  Remind them to obtain an account on or and write down their username and password to bring to camp.
  • Let the parents/guardians and ward leaders know when Signature, Epipen, and Buddy Agreement Forms and payment ($165) are due.  Allow yourself at least two weeks prior to Stake Registration Day.
  • Make sure that every parent/guardian has your name and number so that they know whom they can call with questions.
  • Make mention that Oakcrest does not take the place of ward or stake camps. Oakcrest is an optional or supplemental camp.
  • Emphasize that campers can only attend Oakcrest once, right after they complete their 7th grade year.  Campers with divorced/separated parents who live in different stakes cannot attend twice. 
  • Allow time for questions and answers.

Other Tips:

  • Sing camp songs and/or play them as prelude.
  • Have refreshments.
  • Make the meeting as brief, yet informative, as possible.