Medical Concerns

A Little Bit About Us:

The first aid clinic at Oakcrest is staffed by two, college-aged, first-aid specialists who have had some basic first aid training. Your daughter must be able to care for herself to come to Oakcrest, as we do not have nurses or any medically licensed staff at camp. Self-care is defined as being able to shower, dress, and care for her own medical situation. If she is diabetic she must be able to take her own blood sugars, calculate her own insulin, give her own shots, and calculate her own nutritional needs.


If a camper will be bringing an epipen or an equivalent medication with them to camp, the parent must fill out the two-sided Oakcrest Epipen Form and attach it to the registration card.  Oakcrest follows the nationally accepted and state-approved epipen standard explained on the form.  Oakcrest does not stock or provide epipens.

Over-the-Counter Medications:

Oakcrest’s clinic is stocked with the following over-the-counter medications: Tylenol, ibuprofen, decongestant, antacid, anti-nausea, and antihistamine. These medications will not be given unless permission is granted, by the parent on the registration form.


Should a camper require medical treatment at a clinic or hospital, a parent will be contacted immediately and asked to promptly come and get his/her daughter.  If that is not possible or if help is needed soner than a parent can arrive, the camper will be transported by ambulance to the appropriate medical facility.  A parent or other adult family member will be required to meet the camper at the clinic/hospital. Once a family member arrives, the camper will be turned over to his/her care. Oakcrest contact information will be given to the parent or other family member, so that he/she can contact the camp and inform them as to the campers condition and whether or not the camper will be returning to Oakcrest. If the medical problem is resolved in time for the camper to finish her stay at Oakcrest, she is welcome to return but transportation must be provided by the family. Please make sure the contact numbers on your daughter’s registration card are accurate and that we can reach you at those numbers.

Camp Layout:

The layout of the camp is spread out with the cabins located southwest of the main softball field. The cabins are located on the side of the mountain on uneven terrain and are not wheel chair accessible. The activities are located southeast of the softball field on uneven terrain and are not wheel chair accessible. There is a lot of walking back and forth from cabins to activities all day. The main trail to the lodge and softball field is covered with golf-ball sized gravel. Crutches are strongly discouraged because they are difficult to use on the terrain at camp.

If you do not know if your daughter can handle the terrain at Oakcrest due to her medical condition, we suggest taking her to the Dimple Dell trail head at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. If she can hike to the lake without trouble, she will be able to handle the spread out, uneven terrain of Oakcrest Girls Camp.