Any young woman with a birth date which falls between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2012 is eligible to attend Oakcrest 2024.

Any young woman from a participating stake with a birth date which falls between September 1, 2009 and August 31, 2010, and who did not attend Oakcrest last year, may register; however, her registration must be finalized before Registration Day which is March 9, 2024. Registration for a girl with this birth date range will not be allowed after Registration Day.

Campers Who are Not Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Campers of other faiths are welcome at Oakcrest. Standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be followed and taught at camp. If a young woman resides in a participating stake and is a nonmember, she may register with that stake and pay the $230.00 participating fee. Campers of other faiths who do not belong to an Oakcrest participating stake may register during our open enrollment period beginning April 1. The fee for open enrollment is $255.00. All campers must have the signatures of the bishops from the wards in which they reside on their Signature Forms.

Campers from Another Stake

If a young woman from a participating stake wants to attend with another participating stake, she must register and pay the $230.00 fee with her stake.  If a young woman (member or nonmember) from a nonparticipating stake wants to attend with camper from a participating stake, she must wait and register through open enrollment (beginning April 1) and pay the $255.00 nonparticipating stake fee. She can request the stake with which she would like to attend on her registration form. Instructions for Open Enrollment are found on the website.

Nonparticipating Stake Campers

Oakcrest is available for open enrollment after our participating stakes register in March. Open weeks will be posted on the website by April 1. Please see the Registration tab above for Open Enrollment instructions. The registration fee of $255.00 for non-participating stake campers is higher to help cover the maintenance fee paid by Oakcrest participating stakes.

Special Needs Campers

Unfortunately, Oakcrest  is not for everyone. We do not have wheel-chair accessible cabins or bathrooms. Girls with severe emotional or physical needs would have a better experience attending their ward and/or stake camps.  Young women who come to Oakcrest should be able to function independently. Some young women with physical or mental needs that need a little individual help can come with a buddy.  Buddies must be between 16-18 years old. They do not have to pay the registration fee. For more information see Special Needs Campers under the Forms tab.

Registration Changes

Campers may switch weeks as long as we are notified at least two weeks before camp starts and the week you are requesting still has spots available. For a list of available weeks and instructions, see Open Enrollment under the Registration tab above.  Roommate changes are discouraged; however, if a roommate choice must be modified, please make sure all campers involved in the change and their parents are notified. Roommate changes will only be accepted up to two weeks before your camp date. All changes must go through a stake leader who will then notify Oakcrest.

Last-Minute Registrations

Unfortunately, Oakcrest does not accept last-minute registrations.  Registration closes two weeks before each week of camp, but campers can check to see if there is an open spot on another week by checking the Open Enrollment page.

Cancellations and Refunds

Oakcrest does not give refunds. Cancellations made less than two weeks away from your camp date are not eligible for replacements. If a young woman cancels prior to this time, she may work with her Young Women leader to find an eligible replacement. In this case, fee reimbursements must be worked out between the two families or the stake.  A young woman who must cancel due to illness or injury has the option of coming on a different week if openings are still available, as long as the camp date is more than two weeks away. She will not be eligible to attend the next year.

Luggage Labeling

Each stake should distribute duct tape in their assigned color.  Assigned colors are listed on the camp schedule.  All luggage, backpacks, sleeping bags, pillows, and cameras must be marked, using the colored tape, with the camper’s first and last name and parent/guardian’s cell phone number.  Experience has shown that the colored tape is the best way to get lost items back to their owners.  We highly recommend that stakes meet before Monday to distribute the colored tape and mark luggage items. Open enrollment campers and participating stake campers who are attending with a different stake should use grey duct tape to label their luggage.

Bus Tickets

Participating stake campers will obtain their bus tickets from their stake leaders on busing day. Oakcrest will provide these tickets to each stake leader on busing day. If a camper is not attending with a stake or going with another stake, she will obtain her ticket at the Open Enrollment table on busing day.

Leaving Early or Arriving Late

If a young woman needs to leave Oakcrest early, an Early Camper Release form must be filled out and turned in at the busing location on Monday morning before she leaves for camp. The form should be turned in at the Open Enrollment table or given to a stake leader. Please be aware that Oakcrest gates close at 9:30 pm. Early release campers must be picked up before this time. If a young woman plans on arriving late, she should notify her stake leader prior to camp, who can then contact a member of the Oakcrest Women’s Committee to make arrangements.  


To ensure the best possible Oakcrest experience, personal phone calls and personal visits are not allowed at camp. We encourage parents to write to their daughters. Campers love to get letters from home. Please allow 3-4 days for mail to arrive.  Send mail addressed to them c/o Oakcrest Girls Camp, 5850 East Bench Creek Road, Kamas, UT 84036. If your daughter is ill, terribly homesick, or has another serious problem, we will contact you by phone. If there is an emergency at home, please contact your stake leader for help with contacting your daughter at camp. Please note that emails sent through the website are received by a Women’s Committee member in the valley and not by the camp itself. Oakcrest is a wonderful, fun, spiritual, busy camp, and we are confident that your daughter will have a memorable and enriching week.

Cell Phones and Electronics

To ensure the best possible Oakcrest experience, we have adopted a zero-tolerance policy for phones at camp. It is imperative that all campers are protected from any possible harm which could come from the misuse of a cell phone. IF A CAMPER BRINGS A PHONE SHE WILL BE SENT HOME. As part of the registration process, parents and campers will acknowledge twice that they understand and will adhere to this policy. The parent of a camper who brings a cell phone will be called and asked to come pick up their camper. See the Oakcrest Cell Phone Policy for more information.

A camper may bring a separate camera for pictures.

We assume no responsibility for lost or damaged electronics or cameras brought to camp. Directors and missionaries at Oakcrest carry phones at all times, but all other staff have no phones from Sunday night to Friday. It’s a phone fast! We’re all in this together! If you need electronics for medical purposes, please contact us to make special arrangements.


For many campers, attending Oakcrest is their first experience being away from home for several days. For some, even the most excited ones, homesickness is an unexpected experience. We encourage parents to take some time prior to their daughter attending Oakcrest to discuss homesickness with her and prepare her for this possibility. Please click the link below for important suggestions that you can discuss at home.

Cabin Groups

Cabin groups are made up of 10-12 young women from different stakes across the valley. There are “singles” in every cabin, as many girls choose to come alone to make new friends. We recognize that other girls prefer the security of having a friend in their group. Therefore, we do allow two campers to room together in the same cabin. When these friends put each other’s names on their registration forms, it’s easy to ensure they will be in the same cabin. When campers put names down that don’t match each other or request more than one person as their roommate, requests cannot be honored. Campers should contact their stake leader if they have concerns about their roommates. Typically, no more than 2 girls from the same stake will be placed in the same counselor group.


We are fortunate at Oakcrest to be able to offer our campers one shower per week after their hike.


Campers can bring a digital camera, but be aware that many cameras are lost each summer. Cameras should be labeled with the camper’s name and phone number. 

Medication (Prescription and OTC)

Multivitamins and other over-the-counter medication should be in their original containers, but can be kept in the cabin with you. Please put medications in a ziplock bag containing a small card labeled with your name and instructions as to how and when they should be taken. Prescription medications should also be in their original containers in a separate ziplock bag and should also contain instructions as to how and when they should be taken.  Prescription medications will be kept in the first aid office.

Campers are allowed to carry rescue inhalers, epipens, and diabetic medications and supplies with them at all times.


Campers can bring snacks from home. Please label items with the camper’s name since all snacks are placed in sealed bins in the cabins to prevent “critters” from coming into the cabins.  Campers who are not nut free but are assigned to the nut free cabin cannot bring snacks containing nuts.  Snacks are not allowed to be eaten on the bus ride to and from camp.

Lost and Found

Most items left without a name will be kept for three weeks and then taken to Deseret Industries. Valuable items, such as cameras, will be kept for three months. Items labeled with a stake’s assigned colored duct tape will be returned to the stake leader.  Check with her first to find your items. Campers may also contact a.randall@oakcrestcamp.org within the time period stated above to claim lost items.

Young Women Activity Night

See the Young Women Activity Night information form under the Leaders tab on the website for information and instructions.


Oakcrest is always looking for qualified candidates. Check the Employment tab on the website for application instructions and deadlines.

Group Reservations

Unfortunately, Oakcrest is not open to outside groups or church groups. Oakcrest is a camp dedicated to serving approximately 3,000 girls during all 10 weeks of summer. The few remaining weeks without snow each year are spent maintaining and improving the camp.

Purchasing Oakcrest Songbooks or CD’s

Oakcrest songbooks are available for $3.00 each. Songbooks have lyrics and guitar chords only, no written music is included. We also have a 2-CD set of the music for $3.00. You may either pick them up from a Women’s Committee member, or you may have them shipped to you. Orders can be received by contacting us on the Contact Page.  Songs are also available for download on the website under the About/Media tab.