This form contains step-by-step reminders to guide leaders through the Oakcrest process.


  • Request a list of eligible young women from your stake clerk using birth dates between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2012. 
  • Plan and hold your Stake Kickoff Meeting in early February. Follow the instructions under Stake Kickoff Meeting on the website.
  • Schedule a deadline for all wards to have their checks and forms to you. Make the deadline at least 14 days before Stake Registration Day.
  • Oakcrest will send you a list of registered campers from your stake. Make sure you have a completed Signature Form from each camper. Staple roommates’ Signature Forms together. Make sure you have EpiPen, Early Release and Buddy Agreement forms if required.
  • Oakcrest will send you an invoice. Either request one stake check for all campers in your stake made out to Oakcrest Girls Camp or request an electronic payment be submitted. Note: In order for the electronic payment to reflect as paid on Stake Registration Day, it must be submitted 4 days before Stake Registration Day.
  • Take the required registration materials to Stake Registration Day in March at your assigned time.
    Please bring:
    • The Oakcrest invoice.
    • One receipt of electronic transfer or stake check made out to Oakcrest Girls Camp.
    • A copy of the YW Leader Registration Report.
    • The name, email and phone number for any stake president, high councilor assigned to Young Women and/or stake Young Women presidency who has changed in the past year.
    • All completed forms:
      • Signature Forms, three-hole punched with roommates’ forms stapled together and no more than one roommate. Double check that each form has all three required signatures.
      • The Buddy Agreement which must be signed and attached to each buddy’s Signature Form.
      • Any required EpiPen and/or Early Release Forms.
  • If your stake has been given a camp opening or camp closing assignment, remind your priesthood leader to obtain the required number of volunteers for your assigned day.


  • Invite the stake presidency and their wives, the bishops and their wives, and the stake Young Women presidency to Young Women Activity Night on Thursday. Print and copy the Young Women Activity Night Information form and give them to all invited leaders. Remind all leaders that they are requested to follow the dress code that the campers follow.
  • Remind the girls in your stake of your upcoming camp dates and the importance of reading through the information found under the Campers and Forms and Policies tabs on the website. Emphasize that they need to be on time to the busing location and dressed appropriately (long pants without holes, socks, closed-toed shoes, no sleeveless or belly shirts).
  • Find female chaperones (18 years and older) to ride with the campers on the buses on Monday and Friday, and give them the Chaperone Information sheet.
  • Purchase duct tape in your stake color and have the girls label their luggage by the Monday morning of camp. It would be a good idea to get the girls together before that morning to label their luggage. Make sure they follow the labeling instructions found on the Oakcrest website:
  • Make sure your 2025 Projection Questionnaire has been submitted. This form is located under the Forms and Policies tab on the website.


  • Plan to be at the central busing location on Monday morning by 7:30 a.m. Bring a copy of the YW Leader Registration Report. Also bring your cell phone, colored duct tape, and the Oakcrest Busing Form.
  • Meet the girls attending with your stake at your designated station to check them in, label any unlabeled items, and give them their bus tickets (provided by Oakcrest). Please do not bring treats to the busing location for your girls and remind your girls that no snacks may be eaten on the bus on Monday or Friday.
  • Once your chaperone(s) and your bus have arrived, direct your campers to load their luggage. Pillows, backpacks, and water bottles may be taken on the bus. Chaperones will collect their bus tickets as they load the bus.
  • After all your girls have checked in or at 8:15 a.m., fill out the Oakcrest Busing Form and turn it in at the Open Enrollment table.


  • Members of the stake Young Women presidency should go to Oakcrest on Activity Night. Remind your bishops and stake presidency to do the same. The program for Activity Night is under the direction of your stake. A reminder that stake leaders are asked to follow the same dress code as the campers.
  • Help take care of any lost and found issues for your stake after Oakcrest as needed.