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Open Enrollment

Do you want to attend Oakcrest, but don’t live in a participating stake?  No problem!  Open Enrollment requests will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis after April 1, 2019.    See the table below for available weeks.  Open enrollment will be closed two weeks prior to each week’s opening camp day or when enrollment reaches 295, whichever comes first. We would love to have you attend Oakcrest 2019!

Open Enrollment for Summer 2019

Open enrollment is available to any eligible* young woman once all of the Oakcrest participating stakes have registered.  The table below shows the total number of campers currently registered for each week.  Once the numbers reach 295, the week will be closed to open enrollment. Please follow the procedures listed below to register through open enrollment.  Young women who do not reside in an Oakcrest participating stake are welcome to register through open enrollment beginning April 1, 2019.  Please do not mail in registration forms before April 1, 2019. Anything postmarked before April 1, 2019, will be returned to the sender.

*Please read the eligibility guidelines below.

Open Enrollment Openings


June 11-15June 18-22June 25- June 29July 2-6July 9-13July 16-20July 23-27July 30- Aug 3Aug 6-10Aug 13-17


  • Oakcrest is for young women who have completed the 7th grade. No 6th graders or 8th graders are permitted, even if they are Beehives. Home-schooled girls can use birthdates
  • Each young woman may only attend once during the summer.
  • Oakcrest is an LDS girls camp, but young women of other faiths are invited and welcome to attend. Oakcrest is a testimony-building camp and LDS Church doctrine will be taught.

Open Enrollment Procedures:

    1. Check the table above for availability the week you want to attend.
    2. Download a registration form.  Registration Form PDF  Registration Form PDF page 2
    3. Download buddy registration form as necessary for those who will need to come to camp with a laurel-aged buddy (only in special needs cases). Buddy Registration Form PDF Buddy Registration Form PDF page 2

If your daughter will be bringing an epipen, please download and fill out the Oakcrest Epipen Form.

Print the Registration Form, then complete all portions of the registration form (2 pages) with dark pen. Please print clearly.

  1. Obtain all 3 required signatures (Camper Signature, Parent Signature, and Bishop’s Signature).
  2. Get a cashier’s check or money order (please, no personal checks)** for the registration fee made out to “Oakcrest LDS Girls Camp”.
    • The fee for a young woman from a participating stake area is $125.00.  (For a list of participating stakes see the Oakcrest Schedule.)
    • The fee for a young woman from a non-participating stake is $150.00.
  3. Mail completed and signed Registration Form, and fee payment to the appropriate address below.  Forms and payment must be received by the following deadlines:

Week 1: May 28, 2018

Week 2: June 4, 2018

Week 3: June 11, 2018

Week 4: June 18, 2018

Week 5: June 25, 2018

Week 6: July 2, 2018

Week 7: July 9, 2018

Week 8: July 16, 2018

Week 9: July 23, 2018

Week 10: July 30, 2018

 All registration changes must be made no later than two weeks before the week of camp.  Campers may not switch weeks or change roommates after this time. After your registration form and money is received, you will be sent a confirmation email which secures your spot at Oakcrest Camp.  (Please check your junk email as sometimes emails from Oakcrest Camp end up there!)

Use the Packing List when preparing for camp.

Mail forms and payments to:

(Open enrollment for weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9)


(Open enrollment for weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10)



**LDS Ward or Stake checks will also be accepted. Oakcrest can not accept personal checks.  Note: Oakcrest does not provide refunds.