Young women are invited to attend Oakcrest if they have a birth date range from September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2012. A young woman may only attend once during the year. For 2024 only, a young woman who lives in an Oakcrest Participating Stake with a birth date range from September 1, 2009 through August 31, 2010, who did not attend Oakcrest last year, is eligible. However, her registration must be completed by Registration Day, March 9, 2024. A girl with this birth date range may not register after Registration Day.

If, after registering with her stake, a young woman finds that she is unable to attend Oakcrest during her assigned, she may choose to go another week if space is available. A camper who desires to switch weeks should contact her stake leader who will then contact the Oakcrest Registration Women’s Committee member to make arrangements. All changes must be finalized two weeks prior to the week the camper is schedule to attend. A registered camper who finds she cannot attend at any time during the summer can find another eligible young woman to go in her place; however, registration for the new camper must be finalized two weeks before the camper is scheduled to attend. In this case, payment for the replacement camper should be worked out at the stake level or between the families involved, whichever is applicable. Oakcrest does not take responsibility for making sure that the replacement camper reimburses the young woman who can no longer attend. Oakcrest does not accept last minute registrations or replacements on busing day. Oakcrest does not issue refunds.

We encourage campers to come for the entire week of Oakcrest. Campers should not plan on coming late to camp, leaving early, or coming and going during the week. Campers who cannot attend the entire week their stake is scheduled are welcome to register for another week. Should an emergency arise which would require the camper to go home early or arrive late, arrangements need to be made with the camp through the stake leader. Campers will not be allowed to check in or out more than once during the week. For safety reasons, an Early Release Form must be filled out and signed by the parent if the camper is being picked up early. This form can be obtained from her stake leader or under the Forms tab on the website. The form needs to be given to the stake leader by the Monday morning of camp. Campers will only be released to the person listed on the form after they show photo identification. Campers may not leave with a stake leader after the Thursday night activity if an early release form has not been provided by the parent. Campers arriving late will need to let their stake leader know the date and time they will be arriving so that she can alert camp leaders. Camp gates close each night at 9:30 pm.