Oakcrest has a no tolerance bullying policy.  Should a camper feel teased or bullied in any way, she is encouraged to talk to her counselor who will then address the concern with all parties involved. Bullying and disrespect that is not resolved after discussions with Oakcrest staff will be grounds for being sent home.  In this case, Oakcrest will contact a parent/guardian of the involved camper(s) who will be asked to come and get their camper(s). Oakcrest also does not allow camp pranks or jokes on other campers or counselors. 

Campers will be responsible for their personal cleanliness, as well as the cleanliness of their room and their camp area. All campers will participate in daily housekeeping duties. Campers are expected to respect the natural environment by taking proper care of the camp and surrounding areas and keeping the grounds clean and free from litter. National forest regulations are observed at all times.  Graffiti of any kind is not allowed at Oakcrest.