To ensure the best possible Oakcrest experience, personal phone calls and personal visits are not allowed at camp. Cell phones are NOT allowed at Oakcrest. They are much more than a communication device, and it is imperative that all campers are protected from any possible harm that could come from the misuse of a cell phone. As part of the registration process, parents and campers acknowledge twice that they understand and will adhere to this policy. The parent of a camper who brings a cell phone will be called and asked to come and pick up their camper. See the Oakcrest Cell Phone Policy for more information.

Parents will be called if their camper is ill, terribly homesick, or if there are any other major problems. If there is an emergency at home, parents should contact the stake leader. If you are an open enrollment camper, contact the registration committee member. The stake leader or registration committee member will then pass on the information to a member of the Oakcrest Women’s Committee or to camp directly. Please note that emails sent through the Oakcrest website are received by a Women’s Committee member in the valley and not at the camp itself.

Campers love to receive mail from home, so we encourage family members to write to their campers. Please allow 3-4 days for mail to arrive. Camper letters should be addressed as follows:

Camper Name
c/o Oakcrest Girls Camp
5850 East Bench Creek Road
Kamas, UT  84036