For safety reasons, all medication (including over-the-counter items) must come to camp in the original container(s) labeled with dosage instructions. All prescription medication containers should be placed together in a Ziploc bag, along with a small card listing the camper’s name and instructions for each medication (dosage and time of day to be taken). A separate Ziploc bag (with instructions) for over-the-counter medications can be sent as well. Oakcrest staff can only remind campers to take their medications but, by law, cannot actually administer them or force girls to take them. Parents should review all medications and instructions with their camper so they can take their medications on their own. Prescription medication bags will be securely stored in the first aid office for girls to come and take there. The first aid staff will list prescription medications on a schedule spreadsheet and will remind each girl to take them based on the instructions sent. Over-the-counter medications can be kept with their counselor in their cabin for easier access. Campers requiring injections must be willing and able to give their own injections, as there is not a registered nurse on the premises. Camper’s insulin can be kept in a refrigerator in the first aid office. Campers are allowed to carry rescue inhalers, EpiPens, and diabetic medication/supplies with them at all times.