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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, Oakcrest is not open to outside groups or to LDS church groups. Oakcrest is a camp dedicated to serve over 3,000 girls from 90+ stakes during all 11 weeks of summer. The few remaining weeks without snow each year are spent maintaining and improving the camp.

Oakcrest songbooks are available for $5.00 each. Songbooks have lyrics and guitar chords only, no written music is included. We also have a 2-CD set of the music for $5.00. You may either pick them up from a Women’s Committee member in South Jordan, or you may have them shipped to you. Orders can be received by Contacting Us on the Contact Page.

Yes. Oakcrest is available for open enrollment after our 90+ participating stakes register in March. Open weeks will be posted on the website in April. Please see the “Registration” tab above for Open Enrollment instructions. The registration fee for a non-Oakcrest participating stake is higher to help cover the maintenance fee paid by Oakcrest participating stakes.

Cabin groups are made up of 10-12 young women from different stakes across the valley. There are “singles” in every cabin as many girls choose to come alone to make new friends. We recognize that other girls prefer the security of having a known friend in their group. Therefore, we do allow 2 or 3 friends (but not 4) to room together in the same cabin. When these friends all put each other’s names on their registration cards, it’s easy for the stake leader to ensure they will be in the same cabin. When campers put names down that don’t match each other, stake leaders are forced to make a determination of who will room with whom. We follow what the stake leaders have given us and do not change roommates up at camp. Campers should contact their stake leader if they have concerns about their roommates.

Oakcrest is always looking for qualified candidates. Check the Employment tab on the website in September for applications and deadlines for the following summer.

Yes, you may switch weeks as long as we have your registration materials at least two weeks before camp starts and the week you are requesting still has spots available. For a list of available weeks and instructions, see the Open Enrollment tab above.

Sorry, but no. Registration needs to be complete two weeks before attending camp, but you can check to see if there is an open spot another week by checking the Open Enrollment page.

Each young woman has the opportunity to come to Oakcrest just once during the summer following her 7th grade school year. If you loved Oakcrest, we would love to have you apply to be a staff member in high school or college.

As with all aspects of Oakcrest camp, this decision was not made lightly. We simply don’t have room at the camp for every eligible camper to attend.  Beginning in 2014, we have prayerfully decided to only let 7th grade girls come once during the summer.  For the 2014 transitional year, we will also register 8th graders who were not able to attend as a 7th grade camper in 2013. We appreciate your support and understanding in this matter.

Cell phones are not allowed at Oakcrest Camp.  Please do not send cell phones with your camper or allow her to take a cell phone.

To ensure the best possible Oakcrest experience, personal phone calls and personal visits are not allowed at camp. We encourage parents to write to their daughters. Campers love to get letters from home. Please allow 3-4 days for mail to arrive.  Send mail addressed to them c/o Oakcrest LDS Girl’s Camp 5850 East Bench Creek Road, Kamas, UT 84036. You are also welcome to volunteer to be a chaperone and ride the buses with the campers on Monday or Friday. If your daughter is ill or terribly homesick, or if there is any other problem, we will contact you by phone. If there is an emergency at home please contact your stake leader for help with contacting your daughter at camp. Please note that emails sent through the website are received by a women’s committee member in the valley and not by the camp itself. Oakcrest is a wonderful, fun, spiritual, busy camp and we are confident that your daughter will have a memorable and enriching week.

See the “Mutual Night” information form under the “Leaders” tab on the website for information and instructions.

About Oakcrest” information sheet says that I can’t bring electronic devices, but the packing list says to bring a camera. Can I bring my digital camera, or does that count as an electronic? 

You can bring a digital camera, but be aware that many cameras are lost each summer. If you choose to bring a camera, please label it with your name and phone number.  Be sure to leave your cell phone at home.

Yes! Please label items with her name since all snacks are placed in sealed bins in the cabins to prevent “critters” from coming into their cabins.

Yes, the multivitamins are something you should bring in the original container and you can keep them with you. You do not need to have a medication form.

You will need to pay for your daughter but you do not need to pay for her buddy. Note: Oakcrest unfortunately is not for everyone. We do not have wheel chair accessible cabins or bathrooms. Girls with severe emotional or physical needs would be better off attending their ward and/or stake camps. We expect that the young women that come to Oakcrest will be able to function independently. Some young women with physical or mental needs that need a little individual help can come with a buddy.

central busing location map? Where is the packing list? Where is the list of camp rules?

All of these things can be found under the “Campers” tab on the website. The camp rules are listed in the “About Oakcrest” form. Please read this form carefully before signing the registration card.